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Welcome to the Spirit of St. Louis Airport


We thank you, on behalf of St. Louis County Government and the Airport Staff, for choosing Spirit as your “Hometown Airport.”  


We have provided the “Users Manual” to assist you in knowing the rules, standards, and local laws governing the Airport and its tenants.  Included in the manual are the “General Rules and Regulations,” “Minimum Standards for Commercial Aviation Operators,” and County Ordinance 21,310 covering the Airport laws. 


The purpose of these regulations and standards is to assist us in maintaining a “First Class” aviation operation for your use.  We ask that you keep your copy for reference in the event an issue or question should arise.  If you have any questions or comments regarding these procedures, or, if something comes up that is not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


For over 50 years Spirit has strived to be the finest, most professional operation possible while providing top-notch services and facilities to the flying public.  We appreciate your help and support in keeping the Airport safe, efficient, and a place we can all be proud of. 


Thank you,


 John  Bales


John D. Bales, C.M.

Director of Aviation

St. Louis County  

User Manual Documents:

General Rules & Regulations

Minimum Standards Info

Ordinance 21310


The Airport Security Coordinator or designated alternates can be contacted on a twenty-four (24) hour basis by calling the Airport Police at (314) 568-1996.

Individuals interested in applying for a Spirit of St. Louis Airport Security Badge must complete the following procedures:


  1. Each individual seeking unescorted access to the SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) must complete a Spirit of St. Louis Airport Identification/Access Badge Application with their employer.

  2. The application must be signed by the Security Coordinator designated by their employer.  The employer will determine the type of badge and access required.  

  3. The Security Coordinator will then make arrangements with Spirit of St. Louis Airport, Administration Office for badge processing.


Identification badges must be displayed on their person, at all times while in the area.  The identification badge shall be displayed above the waist and on the outermost garment.

Most questions can be answered by the Security Coordinator designated by your employer however, for information regarding who is authorized to sign for your application or any other questions pertaining to badging, please call

(636) 532-2222.

Airport Operations Security Forms:

ID/Access Badge Application

Ground Training Manual


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